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Many people recognize the importance of "basic" estate planning. Far fewer recognize just how inadequate or problematic the plans they have in place may be. In fact, most estate plans don't work as intended — primarily because they are not properly and proactively maintained over time. Even if documents are occasionally amended in response to legal and personal changes, those changes often come too late to have the desired impact.

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In part, estate planning is about doing as much as you can for your loved ones financially, which requires exercising as much control as you can over money and other assets you have accumulated. Intelligent, well-executed disability planning and tax planning are important components, of course. In our view, it is also about passing wisdom on to those you care about. This includes clarity regarding every phase of how the plan will be carried out.

As the presentations and overviews in our Learning Center show, we engage with clients and help them make informed, personally aware decisions. In our seminars, we explain key heritage planning terms and concepts using metaphors, examples and stories. Our experienced lawyer and staff have the technical knowledge you need, and we communicate that information in real human terms.

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Our firm in Newton, Massachusetts, maintains membership in the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Founding attorney Frank L. Bridges has been practicing law since 1972, establishing clear strengths across the spectrum of trust and overall personal legacy design, estate plan maintenance and settlement. Business succession planning, charitable giving and a range of other services are familiar territory for our client-focused professional team.

If you have substantial assets to protect and care about your loved ones, our holistic approach to estate planning may be ideal for you. Our clients include many entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, other professionals and families of means from throughout Middlesex County and beyond. To talk about your estate planning needs and the learning and counseling process we recommend, call or email us now at Heritage Design Law LLC.